Game on

I am feeling quite challenged lately; positively challenged, through a shift I’ve experienced in my life which was never in my thoughts or plans. I’ve started this business and things are happening, the path ahead of me is constantly shifting and its so exciting. I’ve never planned this or even really thought it to be possible, but I’ve always wanted it. It seems like everything that is needed for this business to succeed in the Universe is aligned. It all started while living in the Cayman Islands, winning the Greencard Lottery, getting a job offer in Orlando, hours needing to commit to the job didn’t suit my needs, joining a CSA – Maya Papaya Organic Farm – because I love their delicious veggies, finding the Wilder Moon Womenpreneurs  Gathering with Julie Wilder being hosted on Maya Papaya farm, and the rest is an amazing journey of self discovery, growth, business development, coming out of my shell and just becoming part of an amazing and genuine group of entrepreneurial women.

So many people have helped me along the way and I am continually getting more help. I am amazed at the wisdom and strength of those who have selflessly given me the tools to succeed in this journey as a businesswoman – a social entrepreneur. The challenge is in believing that this is happening and it is a bit scary, but the high of using my talents and creativity beats any secure 9-5 job that I could ever work for. So I am giving thanks to all who have given me the support through my trials and errors. Love!


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