A Smashing Good Time

I am really excited to be working with the emotion ANGER. I know its a strange thing to say but after being in the mental health field for over 10 years, I see how it is one of the most suppressed emotions in this world. It is seen as ugly, destructive and evil in a lot of cases but you know what? Anger is an emotion that is trying to protect your @$$. Anger is something we’ve all experienced and it is here to stay. Its going to rear its ugly head when something feels threatening. Most of us are told to stay calm, relax, don’t get angry, take a ‘chill pill’ – well guess what? There is only so much of that you can do. Its gonna come out somehow – especially if its something you’ve been pushing back in for a long time. Maybe you’ll snap at your spouse, make a snarky remark to your coworker or throw up a middle finger in the traffic, but its going to come out like a leak in a pipe and if the pressure continues to build. Then its going to blow and its going to be ugly! Anger can trigger dangerous behavior and there is no excuse for people who use anger to hurt others. So if you feeling frustrated and angry, and feel like you are about to blow … you need to face it and deal with it in a healthy way.

Especially with social media, I find my emotions being rattled in all sorts of directions. There seem to be a lot of angry people out there!!! There is an angry remark for anything and everything, even something natural like breastfeeding a baby who is hungry (sigh). The best way to deal with anger, or any emotion, is to recognize that you are experiencing it, own that emotion and accept it as yours. Give yourself permission to experience that emotion – because it is communicating to you your needs – and then find a way to let go. Easier said than done, perhaps, but with the help of friends, family and professionals, it IS achievable.So, if you are feeling the need to blow up some angry steam…go ahead and scream in your pillow, punch a punching bag, hit a piñata, or buy some clay pots and have a smashing good time!!!


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