As some of you know, I only started my journey as an entrepreneur at the beginning of this year. Here is a bit of history. I returned to work when my son was around 3 months old in the Cayman islands where I had a great flexible schedule of working from 7:30am -3:30pm. The amazing company I worked for allowed me all I needed to be a working mother but due to circumstances that were out of my control, we left the island and moved to Orlando, Fl. Working as a therapist in a residential recovery center, I didn’t expect the level of flexibility I had in the Cayman islands but I was burned out after a few months as I struggled to leave home at 6:45 am and return home at the earliest at 7:30 pm and a lot of the times it was after 9 pm. My husband was exhausted as he works full time and also took care of our son before and after work. Our son was exhausted as he was in daycare from 8am -630pm everyday. We were disconnected as a family and just simply burned out.

It took several months of job searching and self exploration to finally acknowledge that if I wanted the balance I was seeking, I needed to make it happen.  This is when Psycnomad really came to life.  I have turned down job offers since I started my business and have stopped looking for anything else for my career.  I have made some amazing connections and gained beautiful support from circle of women and men who are always available to lend a voice or hand.

These days, I am so grateful to have my own business and the balance to stay at home with my two year old son. Every day is a balancing act to make sure I am giving my son and my business the quality time they both need to grow.

Its not easy, but when I get feedback like this for the work I’ve done with my clients, it makes everything worthwhile!!! This is some of the feedback I received from my very first Anger Project, which took place last month.

NOTE: I got a lot of lovely kisses with my feedback 🙂

“I’m feeling great! Lighter still 😘”

“Almost like I know what to do now if I feel anger or another emotion stuck…”

“I am doing fabulous. Realized that now not only do I have permission to be angry but I have permission to be happy. Didn’t even realize that was missing. Thank you all! 😘”

“I felt super happy for the few days that followed our workshop. Guess letting all that go let me bring more happy in!! 😘”

“I love my painting! I definitely feel connected to it and my outward expression of the anger I had held. I don’t care if anyone else likes it, it holds meaning for me and for that I am grateful.”

“I feel renewed and happy. Thank you, Thinn Aung, for creating a safe place for us to share and express ourselves.”

If you are interested in the upcoming Anger Project on June 25, please email me on

One thought on “Blessed

  1. Lynne Schaffer

    I’m extremely interested in your next Anger Project! Thank you for being so open and honest with your story! You’re truly an inspiration!


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