I am an eclectic mix of cultures, beliefs, creativity and identities
Professional Path

I’ve always been drawn to psychology and its role in human relationships and its impact of their lives, so much so that I majored in psychology for my bachelor’s degree and counseling psychology for my master’s degree at the Allegheny College and the Florida International University.

I have worked in developing and facilitating prevention program for girls in the inner city neighborhoods of Miami; developing obesity prevention programs in the Cayman Islands; and raised funds to increase heart health awareness for the Heart Fund. I’ve also worked as a therapist in community mental health centers, partial hospitalization programs, residential dual diagnosis treatment centers and Employee Assistance programs, providing group, individual, couples and family therapy sessions.

I have many years of experience in helping deal with with anxiety, depression, postpartum issues, relationship issues, addiction, psychiatric illnesses, work/life balance and stress management.

My Cultural Background

I was born in Burma (also known as Myanmar, a large country in South East Asia) and lived there for nine years, until my parents decided to migrate to Jamaica. There I spent another nine years, assimilating into the beautiful Jamaican culture and cultivating many lifelong friendships. I moved to the U.S. for my tertiary education and first years in the workforce, and then to the Cayman Islands for several years. I have now been back in the U.S. for a little over a year. I speak fluent English and Burmese (and Jamaican patois, when the occasion calls for it!).

Family and Lifestyle:

My wonderful and talented husband Chris (www.chriscourt.net or Chris Court Photos on Facebook) is also my business partner in the PhotoTherapy project. We have a gorgeous little son, Dylan, and a little old dog named Puck. Our families live in Jamaica and New Zealand, so we travel quite often. We also love to just pick a country or a city and explore without much on our agenda. We are both curious by nature and really enjoy learning about, well… everything!

All photographs were taken by Chris Court at www.Chriscourt.net or Facebook Chris Court Photos Page.