Online Coaching


It takes courage to seek help and support when you need it the most. Life transitions are challenging and you can lose your life’s balance as you explore your new path. You can feel emotionally drained and mentally fatigued. You may no longer experience mindfulness and/or experience enjoyment in life the way you used to.

It helps to talk to your friends, partner and family, but it may not be enough.

  • Sometimes you just need someone who is objective and unbiased
  • Someone who could hold you accountable to make changes in your life
  • Someone you could unload your emotions on without worrying that it may effect them
  • Someone to give you the support you need, and to guide you in how to make these changes.

Video and telephone sessions (Skype, Zoom, FaceTime).
Face-to-face also available.

60 minutes.

$60 per session.
$150 for THREE sessions.