Postpartum support

DSC_1381There are numerous postpartum support programs available for new moms that focus on how to care for the baby, but very little out there for the moms themselves. I know first-hand the emotional turmoil a new mother goes through after the birth of her baby. The intensity and range of emotions – from happiness to anxiety – can be overwhelming. Finding a new balance that enables you to live a fulfilling life as yourself and also as a mother can be challenging.

It is important to have a non judgmental person to talk to during this time.

I provide home visits to new moms for emotional coaching and support. These visits include the chance for the mom to have an open and honest conversation about her new role as a mother; explore self-care strategies to manage emotional strain of being a new mother; and develop ways improve mood and energy.

Orlando, FL and surrounding areas.

75 minutes in duration.

$90 per session.
$240 for THREE sessions.